“I have unlimited vices—laziness, wastefulness, being too emotional. I mean to fix these things, but I have a feeling that my novels would then die, so I leave them be.” So says Natsuo Kirino (Out, and other stuff where people seem to get chopped up a lot).

I know how she feels. Recent writing, when I’ve not been too lazy to do it, has all been a bit doooooowwwwnnn. But as I venture forward and recall why I got into all this, I’m heading into optimistic territory. Trying to put the play back into plays, have a lot more fun. M’friend sent me this lovely link about why this might be a very good idea.


The majority of today involved a headache. It still does.

“His head .. it exploded. As if someone had scooped out his brains and put a hand grenade in his skull.”

Stephen King – I Am The Doorway

Days when I do fuck all…

“You get these writers who say: ‘I go to my office at nine and I write from nine till 12 and then I revise from two till four and that’s my day, and I do 2,000 words a day and when I’ve done my 2,000 words a day that’s me,’ and you go: ‘What?’ I have days when I do fuck all. I sit down at a computer, nothing’s coming, I’m having to tear each word out, it’s like digging for coal, and I’ll go: ‘No, this isn’t working,’ and I’ll just walk away.”

Ian Rankin

Popping up this weekend…

Got some stuff on as part of this. You might want to come and have a look?

“What Is Infinity?

FREE Event at Home Hopper pop-up gallery, Hull, 11 Princes Avenue, Hull, HU5 3RX on Saturday, February 13 (7-10pm) and Sunday, February 14 (1-4pm) 2016

What is infinity to you? We’re asking an artist, a writer, musicians, performers and the audience to ponder this question… expect some curious results and an immersive and thought-provoking range of creative responses.

For more information follow What Is? Collective on twitter @whatiscollectiv

There’s also a bar, in case you were wondering.