Where: Kardomah94, Hull

When: Wednesday, October 12. 10am-12pm.

FREE. Registration required. This event is aimed at leaders of arts organisations and arts practitioners.

Eventbrite - What Next? - The Civic Role of Arts Organisations

An opportunity to inform and shape an inquiry into the Civic Role of Arts Organisations by attending a What Next? workshop.

What Next? is working with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Institute of Cultural Capital (ICC) on an Inquiry into the Civic Role of Arts Organisations. The first phase of the Inquiry (until December 2016) will focus on research, mapping the landscape, defining what we mean by ‘civic’ and the ‘civic role’ and identifying examples of existing great practice.

The Foundation is asking some big questions about the role of arts organisations and wants to find out what we think. Is the purpose to offer educational opportunities to young people if schools are failing to offer arts qualifications? Is it to deliver health services where local authorities are making savings? Is it to support freelancers and individual artists, or to help create communities or a sense of place? Is it the role of arts organisations to engage with local or national political action and discussion? What initiatives have been developed to support and encourage arts organisations to develop their civic role?

In partnership with arts and civic society practitioners, the Foundation will craft recommendations as to how this role can be strengthened through policy change and practical support. Through research and consultation it will develop an understanding of what constitutes ‘next practice’ and seed a network for future activity.

We will be sharing a working definition of the civic role that ICC are developing. We want to find out if these work as answers for you. Do these categories fit your experience? Where is the evidence base? And what do you think the civic role should and could be? What are your own and your organisation’s motivations?

You can find out more about the Inquiry here: http://civicroleartsinquiry.gulbenkian.org.uk/
And follow the conversation on Twitter: @civicrolearts and #civicrolearts