East Coast Fever

By Dave Lee

Where: Kardomah 94, Hull, HU1 2AN

When: Wednesday 27th March, 8.30pm

Tickets: £7 & £5 (concessions)*

Heads Up Festival - The Orchidian

The world premiere of a short film by Dave Lee about Hull’s fourth best poet, Dean Wilson, and his sublime poetry.

Dave said: “Dean’s a beautiful soul and I think he’s the only genius in Hull. I had an idea for filming one of his poems and phoned him up and said ‘do you want to do this now?!’ We ended up filming four poems and I thought there’s nearly a short film there. It’s a little portrait of Dean, it’s like a little Mike Leigh short.

“You can either read Dean’s books (Sometimes I’m So Happy I’m Not Safe On The Streets and WITH) or see him live. He’ll make you laugh, cry, move you. And by the end of the night he’ll leave you on the floor. He’s our Ivor Cutler, our John Cooper Clarke. The more people that get to know him the better. He’s not the sort of character that seeks out fame and attention so we need to impose that on him.”

East Coast Fever will be followed by the premiere of Dave Lee’s first play The Orchidian.

*Ticket price includes entry to East Coast Fever and The Orchidian.