Heads Up Festival would not be possible without the support of our many partners but especially Battersea Arts Centre and their producers and production staff, who we owe a debt of gratitude to, along with our CTN partners around the country. Enormous thanks to Mal Scott and Kardomah94 for providing us with a festival hub and rehearsal and office space since day one. Heads Up has included the work of hundreds of artists over six years and 12 festivals and we thank them all for their contribution to our artistic programme. We also thank the many unsung heroes of Heads Up, not least Hull 2017 and Absolutely Cultured volunteers who have played an essential supporting role at our events in recent years, and those superstars that have played a big part in the festival’s success: Matt Lund, Anete Sooda, Jerome Whittingham and Nicky Ellam, as well as our audiences.

Heads Up Festival #12 – March 27-30, 2019

Dave Lee’s The Orchidian & East Coast Fever; The Paper Cinema’s Macbeth; Caroline Williams and Reem Karssli’s Now Is The Time To Say Nothing; Selina Thompson’s Race Cards, Olivia Furber, Ramzi Maqdisi, 9T Antiope and Hannah Mason’s The Land’s Heart Is Greater Than Its Map, Jez Dolan & Ingibjörg Yr Skarphéthinsdóttir’s Is He On The Line…?

Heads Up Festival #11 – September 12-22, 2018

E52’s Pale Blue; Theatre Conspiracy’s Foreign Radical; non zero one’s Ground Control, What Is? Collective’s What Is…Earth?; Jo Ashbridge & Tamar Draper’s Unseen Beings.

Heads Up Festival #10 – March 2-17, 2018

Victoria Melody’s Ugly Chief; Turned On Its Head’s Sponge; Bill Drummond’s Daffodils & Death; Heads Up Introducing; What Is? Collective’s What Is…Light?; Russ Litten’s From Liverpool With Love.

Heads Up Festival #9 – October 12-21, 2017

Motor’s Ross & Rachel; Likely Story Theatre’s Almost Always Muddy; Kid Carpet’s Super Mega Rockin’ Rock Show; Vic Llewellyn & Kid Carpet’s The Castle Builder; Heads Up Introducing; Hester Arden’s The Ballad of Paragon Station; Women of Words; Humba Rumba.

Heads Up Festival #8 – March 8-18, 2017

Theatre Ad Infinitum’s Bucket List; Shannon Yee’s Reassembled, Slightly Askew; Will Dickie’s The Rave Space; Tom Penn’s Neverland; Compagnie Via Cane and Indigo Moon Theatre’s Shakespeare versus Moliere; Blazon’s Icons; An Evening With Neil Shand.

Heads Up Festival #7 – October 5-15, 2016

Conrad Murray’s Denmarked; Lung’s The 56; E52’s Nothing; Rhiannon Armstrong’s International Archive of Things Left Unsaid; Rhiannon Armstrong’s Can I Help You?; Sport & Drama Platform with John Godber & Matt Woodhead; Heads Up Introducing; Bellow Theatre’s Bare Skin on Briny Waters; She Productions’ It’s Different For Girls; Marcel Craven’s Silent Rebellions, Louder Than Bombs.

Heads Up Festival #6 – March 9-19, 2016

Touretteshero’s Backstage In Biscuitland; Sean Mahoney’s Until You Hear That Bell; Kaleider’s The Money; LO:Cus Dance Theatre; Heads Up Introducing; Women on the Up with Emma King; The Non-Applicables’ Guide To The Perfect Dinner Party; Theatremakers’ Concourse.

Heads Up Festival #5 – September 5-12, 2015

E52’s Revolutions; Christopher Brett Bailey’s This Is How We Die; Make, Mend & Do’s At The End Of Everything Else; Birdman; Single Story’s Burning Bright; Danny Braverman and Nick Philippou’s Wot? No Fish!!; FAQ for Producers.

Heads Up Festival #4 – March 5-12, 2015

Bucket Club’s Lorraine & Alan; Spitz & Co’s Gloriator; Chicken Pox Fox’s Disco Donna; The Adventure; Third Angel’s The Life and Loves of a Nobody; Penny Duck Double Bill; Single Story’s A Life of My Own.

Heads Up Festival #3 – September 4-16, 2014

Theatre Ad Infinitum’s Ballad of the Burning Star; Bootworks’ The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers; Fish/Girl; E52’s Legerdemain; Penny Duck’s Four; Open Umbrella’s Blanchard’s Balloon; Single Story’s Earworm; Dom Coyote and Emily Barker’s Folk In A Box.

Heads Up Festival #2 – March 19 – April 6, 2014

Victoria Melody’s Major Tom, Will Dickie’s Team of the Decades; Berkavitch’s Shame; Jo Hellier’s 97 Years; E52’s The Devil’s Chord; Alan Williams’ The Girl With Two Voices; Scratch @ Heads Up.

Heads Up Festival #1 – September 7-28, 2013

Made In China’s Gym Party; The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey; Polar Bear’s Mouth Open, Story Jump Out; E52’s City Sketch; Anna Bean exhibition; Scratch @ Freedom; So You Wanna Be A Crime Writer with Nick Quantrill; Write To Speak.